About Debt Budget:

Mission Statement:


  • Effectively assist financially/debt stressed individuals by supplying an array of the best services.
  • Educate consumers and equip them with the right tools and information to effectively manage their debt and finances.
  • Handle clients and consumers with integrity and respect
  • Maintain a professional image at all times
  • Build a debt free South Africa through passionate service



  • We negotiate with your credit providers on your behalf.
  • We are proud to be honest and transparent with everything we do.
  • Our team has extensive experience in both the financial and education sectors.
  • If YOU just need guidance to manage your finances more effectively, we can help you set up a step by step process to achieve your goals.


>>> Lower monthly debt repayments
>>> Solve your debt problems
>>> Free consultation and advice


Once under debt review, no further legal action may take place against you.
With lower monthly instalments you will have financial freedom
We can assist you with your debt from any location in South Africa
Our efficient, friendly debt counsellors will negotiate for smaller, more affordable repayments to your creditors.


Debt Review or Debt Counselling is misunderstood. It is not Administration or black listing.
The negotiations and debt restructuring will be based upon the client`s own individual circumstances and what he/she can afford to pay each month.


Clients will be required to pay the amount in terms of the new debt repayment plan to a Payment Distribution Agency (PDA) every month until all their debts are settled or their financial situation changes where they are able to manage their own debts again. Once this occurs we then send our clients a Clearance Certificate and they are able to get credit again.
We have Debt Counsellor’s that are registered and certified by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), so you can be rest assured that our debt advisory service is confidential, professional and of highest quality.